Hisense Fridge 518 Liters Side By Side H670SMIB-WD



Hisense Fridge 518 Liters Side By Side H670SMIB-WD

Capacity 518 Liters

Water Dispenser

Side By Side Mira Class

Black in Color

Warranty 10 years

Out of stock

Hisense Fridge 518 Liters Side By Side H670SMIB-WD

Hisense Fridge 518 Liters Side By Side H670SMIB-WD- With a new premium black glass door design, which can perfectly fits into your kitchen design and easy clean glass door release yourself from the heavy housework.


Staying fresh for longer

The independent temp system control cools the fridge and freezer separately. so it maintains a high humidity level in the fridge and ingredients stay fresher for longer.


Plenty of ice and water

Equipped with an ice and water dispenser, which can produce up ice and water per day. The ice is enough to satisfy the entire family. You can choose from ice cubes, crushed ice and cooled water all at the push of a button.

Touch Electronic Control

Complete control with a soft touch

Take complete control over your fridge’s features with a clear, easy to reach and simple to use LED touch control panel, which allows you to quickly select the desired temperature for each compartment.

Refined space saver

Don’t forget the dedicated stylish space for wine and soft drinks. The fine chrome wine rack frees up space on the fridge door and prevents bottles from rolling around on the shelves.

Multi-Air Flow

Constant temp keeps things fresh

Thanks to the even distribution of cold air achieved by the Hisense Multi Air Flow System, an optimum temperature is consistently maintained throughout your fridge freezer – keeping food chilled to perfection no matter where it is placed.


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