Hisense Washing Machine Top loading, 8kg, WTJA802T



Hisense Washing Machine Top loading, 8kg, Titanium crystal grey WTAJ 802T

Basic Specification

Classical Design     Yes
Lint Filter     Yes

Color     Titanium Grey
Size     8 KG

Top Loader

Smart Control With Fuzzy Logic

8 Level Water Selection


Hisense Washing Machine Top loading, 8kg, Titanium crystal grey WTAJ 802T

Hisense Washing Machine Top loading, 8kg, Titanium crystal grey WTAJ 802T-Choose The Washing Machine That’s Right For You.
Selecting A Washing Machine That You Can Trust With Clothes Is Just As Important As The Detergent You Use. All Hisense AUTOMATIC  WASHING MACHINES Are Built To The Highest Standards, Making Any Choice You Make A Smart Choice. With 8 Washing Programs.

Stop & Reload: This Enables You To Stop The Washing Machine And Reload Items That Were Probably Forgotten At First. With The “Stop And Reload” Button You Can Simply Reload And Add New Dirty Clothes For Easy Wash.

Time Delay: This Helps To Delay Your Washing Time So As To Allow You To Meet Up With Other Schedules Then Come Back To Do Your Washing. Want To Start Your Wash Cycle Later To Suit Your Schedule? Press The “Delay” Touch Button To Select The Delay Time Up To 23hours.

Smart Water & Power Usage 360°: Smart Wash Technology Automatically Measures The Weight Of Your Laundry And Sets The Appropriate Washing Time.

Smart Spin Imbalance Adjustment: This Helps To Redistribute Your Laundry Inside The Drum To Ensure Smooth And Quiet Spin Operation.

Smart I.Program: Creature Of Habit? Save Your Favorite Wash Cycle By Pressing The “I.Program” Button For 3seconds. Simply Recalling Your Next Wash By Pressing A Single “I.Program” Button. The “I.Program Button Help To Maintain The Habit Of Washing, More Like Doing A To-Do List With Your Washing Machine. What An Awesome Feature!

Smart Detergent Dissolving: This Will Automatically Measure And Adjusts The Water Temperature To Better Suit Dissolve Detergent For Your Wash.

Smart Form Control: Automatically Measures And Adjusts The Amount Of Foam Build-Up During The Wash Cycle. Too Much Detergent May Create Excess Foam And Leave Residue On Your Clothes.

Smart Wash Time Adjustment: Adjusts Wash Time Based On The Weight Of Your Laundry. 


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