Hisense microwave 20 Liters H20MOMS10



Hisense microwave 20 Liters H20MOMS10

20 L capacity & 28.8 cm turntable for large dinner plates

900 Watt power output – cooks food rapidly and evenly

Timer helps you cook food to perfection

Automatic programmer take the guesswork out of cooking

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Hisense microwave 20 Liters H20MOMS10

Hisense microwave 20 Liters H20MOMS10-This 900 W, solo microwave from Hisense is the perfect fit for a busy home kitchen. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and large enough to serve the whole family Designed with the family in mind, this Hisense microwave has a 20 L net capacity. This makes it the perfect size for those in need of a little more cooking space, so you can make the sure the whole table is ready to eat at once.

The H20MOMS10 has 11 different power settings up to 900 W, giving you a range of cooking options. There are six automatic programmed to take the guesswork out of cooking. Choose from Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Vegetable, Beverage, and My Plate for quick results. There’s also an Auto Defrost function which uses intervals of low heat to defrost your food evenly. Simply select the weight of the food and the defrost time is adjusted automatically.

Take control of your cooking with Step Bake. Programmed in two or three step-by-step stages so you can get the perfect results whatever you choose to make. You’ll also find Smart Cook on this Hisense model. Select one to six on the control panel to cook immediately at 100% power – ideal if you’re in a hurry. Each number represents cooking time in minutes, so you’ll always know exactly when your food is ready. What’s more, the convenient memory function lets you programmed your three favorite Hisense Microwave Price In Kenya  settings for quicker mealtimes.

Hisense microwave 20 Liters H20MOMS10 Additional Features

Inside the H20MOMS10 you’ll find a 28.8 cm turntable which is ideal for larger dinner plates and awkward shaped containers. And, at just 48.5 cm wide, it will be easy to find a place for this microwave on your kitchen worktops. Hisense Microwave 20 Liters

This Hisense solo microwave features a sleek, black design that will suit any kitchen’s décor. It also has easy-to-use touch controls as well as an easy to read LED digital display. Hisense has also included a child lock feature to stop those wondering little hands interfering with your programmed or timings. And, there’s a programmable timer so you can set your preferred cooking time.

With plenty of programmed and settings, the Hisense H20MOMS10 microwave let’s you cook food perfectly and conveniently. Order yours today. Microwave Oven

Easy Cleaning

Using the microwave oven together with young children or older persons, you will definitely appreciate the ease of use, safety and ease of cleaning. Just wipe the appliance inside out and enjoy the cooking experience.


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