Hisense Chest Freezer FC142SH



Hisense Chest Freezer FC142SH

Brand   Hisense

Model    FC142SH

Net Dimension (W*DH):


Capacity 180L

Loading Capacity 144L

Type Chest Freezer

Color white 

Warranty 2 years

Out of stock

Hisense Chest Freezer FC142SH

Super Freeze

Once the temperature control is switched to freezing mode, the temperature in the freezer can drop to -30°C for its lowest degree, which helps you keep the food fresh, tasty and notorious as it was just bought.

Mechanical Temperature Control

Compared to electronic control panels, the Mechanical Temperature Control is more durable. Moreover, the easy operation is also favored by the elderly people.

Hovering Door

This design makes it easy to open the door and leave it at any angles between 30 ° and 60 °, which means there’s no need to hold it by yourself, allowing for hands-free use as products are loaded or taken out.

A brilliant product can satisfy people’s dual pursuit of function and spirit, and interpret the taste of life. Thus, we now bring a series of freezer with borderless door design to the market. This design is inspired by a current prevailing lifestyle, which encourages consumer to use item space to a new height.

For this freezer, we get rid of unnecessary decoration, try to convey a “less is more” lifestyle, which is more in line with the decorative style of modern families.


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