Hisense 55 inches ULED U7 55U7G



Hisense 55 inches Uled U7 55U7G

  • Authentic Colour
  • Brilliant Contrast
  • Clear Motion
  • Distinct Detail
  • HDR High Dynamic Range
  • 1000-nit Peak Brightness
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • Faithful Color Reproduction
  • Fully Immersive Action in Sports Mode

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Hisense 55 inches ULED U7 55U7G 4K Ultra HD resolution

Clear and defined images down to the smallest detail

Hisense Ultra HD 4K TVs offer high picture quality, with a resolution 4 times higher than FHD TVs. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite content – treat yourself to a Hisense Ultra HD 4K TV, and you’ll be right in the middle of the action.

Hisense 55 inches ULED U7 55U7G HDR 10+

Vivid and detailed images – the result of the latest HDR 10+ format

HDR 10+ certified TVs are capable of reproducing brighter and more accurate scenes with incredibly vibrant and lifelike colors. The system analyzes each image and optimizes it through an adjustment sequence on each individual frame, calibrating its brightness, color saturation and contrast, to make it even closer to reality. An optimal capacity to enjoy the latest Netflix content, or simply immerse yourself in the virtual reality of your favorite games.


A revolutionary audio experience

ULED TV with DOLBY ATMOS® brings an immersive and revolutionary audio experience into your home, whether it’s sports, entertainment or live music. Audio in motion is a major advance over surround systems – you’ll hear yourself inside the action, as the sounds and noises of people, places and music come alive with breathtaking realism and move through space. An amazing, unprecedented audio experience.


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